A Timeless Austin Classic Song

Talkin' Keep Austin Weird


After being one of the original Austin weirdos who made it cool to be weird in Austin, now half a century later he is on a mission to spark off a global spiritual revolution.


While many hippies back in the 60's were inspired to go to India seeking spiritual enlightenment, Sankarshan Das was inspired to remain in America for realizing the highest truth and sparking off a global spiritual revolution. So he hitchhiked from Austin to California where as a young singer/ songwriter he became an instant musical phenomenon in San Franciso's Haight-Ashbhury district and on the University of California at Berkeley campus. After appearing with the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane in a Golden Gate Park concert he was inspired to hitchike back to Austin, where he become an instant sensation for his daily free concerts on the South Mall of the University of Texas at the foot of the George Washlnton statue and his daily concerts as the house musician at Sattva, a popular campus area vegetarian restaurant. Seeking spiritual perfection, in 1971 he became a disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and has fully dedicated the last half a century for igniting a global spiritual revolution. His song, "The Peace Formula," has been very much appreciated by former US President Obama and other world leaders. Although residing in Austin, he now regularly circles the globe regularly singing and speaking in promotion of global peace and spiritual perfection.