A Timeless Austin Classic Song

Talkin' Keep Austin Weird


Sankarshan Das sings "Talkin' Keep Austin Weird" at Austin's Pecan Street Festival.

Talkin' Keep Austin Weird

by Sankarshan Das

“Talkin’ Keep Austin Weird” tells about the time back in 1969 when I hitchhiked 2,000 miles to Austin, Texas from San Francisco. I was on a mission to bring a new era of love, peace, and happiness to our troubled planet. Once I arrived the most amazing turn of events brought me to a profound realization of the highest truth and how that truth can unlimitedly benefit and transform our entire planetary civilization. 


Yep. (pause) (Laugh) Back in 60’s guitar in hand 
Hitchin’ to Texas from Hippie Land, San Francisco Haight Ashbury, You dig?  
Thumbin and a strummin’ 2,000 miles 
Serenadin' my drivers makin’ ‘em smile. (Laugh) 
Flyin' translove airways all the way to good old Austin 

Yeah, Things in Austin pretty bleak. They’s tearin’ down the trees on Waller Creek 
Regent Erwin's plan such a disgrace/ Chop down the oaks to make more space for what? A football stadium? 
Yeah. Who needs those beautiful old oak trees anyway? 
They's just blockin’ progress. Woo! 

So the hippies decide better do somethin’ 
Get down there and block the cuttin' 
Climb the trees. Cops pull us down 
Erwin applauds when every oak comes a crashin' 
Keeee Boom to the ground. Yippee! 
Calls us a bunch of Dirty Nothings. Woo! 

Yeah, its not cool to be weird in Austin. 
Regent Erwin says you're dirty nothin' 
But don't be afraid wherever you go. 
Those rednecks can’t kill your bullet proof soul 
And you know they’ve got a big billboard down there in downtown Austin. 
It says,“Beautify America, give a hippy a haircut.” Woo! 

Cuttin' down trees is no solution. Gotta have a love-Peace revolution. 
Hate filled world needs a cure-all. 
So I head out every day to the University of Texas South Mall, ya’ll. 
Singing and a strummin’, blowin’ on my blues harp. 
There it is. There it is again. 
Serenading the world at the George Washington statue. 

Now with no permit the university’s gonna, you know, kick me away.  
But they decide hey he's not amplified, aaah what the heck let him stay. 
Daily Texan paper calls me the minstrel. Crowds come every day smiling and blissful. 
Campus sensation sending you to the higher destination, Woo Hoo! 

Yeah, the world’s such a mess I just can’t stand it. 
Lookin’ for THE message to save the planet. 
Prayin’ for the answer, truth is revealed. 
So now to the world I make my appeal. 
I become a devotee, you know, one of those mystic Hare Krishna, 
absolutely blissed out, bhakti yogis,  
bringing the ultimate planetary solution, total global spiritual revolution. 
It’s a new dawn, ya’ll. Yeah! Dig it! Woo! 

You know something? I mean, would you really like to know something? What I’m trying to say is that I, I, I, ah really want to tell you something. What I’m saying is this: Every decent song has a moral and uh uh (clear throat) uh “uh oh”(sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb) …Oh Yeah!…this bein’ a decent song. you see, it must also have a moral. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, (long drawn out well) here it is….Are you ready? Are you really ready? Are you really, really ready? Okay, let’s go! 

So if you want to be valid and not a goofball 
Just serve the Supreme Person, and the ultimate welfare of all 
Even the animals and plants (Remember those beautiful old Waller Creek oaks.) 
And don't mind it a bit if you get jeered because in Austin, Texas, USA, Planet Earth, universe of the four-headed Brahma, 
my friends, you are super cool if you are weird 

So whata you say? Let’s keep Austin weird and turn on the whole universe 
to strikingly wonderful totally absolutely enlightened divine consciousness. 
This is Sankarshan Das signin’ out from www dot. Don't forget the dot. TurnOnTheWorld.com. I thank ya’ll for tunin’ in.